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They are the worst!!!!!!! First of all, initially they are great, they complete the assignments, it seems to be detailed and then when they get the right assignment to *** on they do. There is NEVER the same person answering the phone, they don't clearly state their names so that you can request to speak to the person who handled your case.

I had an assignment, I submitted it four days in advance. The tutor they hired copied and pasted some papers together. The hypotheses, independent variables did not match the subject in the conclusion. When you call to complain, they tell you that the tutor needs 5 more hours and push you past your deadline. No refund!

Basically they are on a time difference(a really big one), they only quote five hours because they assume that their tutor will see the email to fix it within that time. Not true. They are really not sure. I am 3 days past my deadline and they STILL have a tutor fixing it. They lie, they dont refund(we'll give you a discount. like ***, im never using them again) and its a scam. Initally I was smitten, happy, relieved I had found I'm PISSED that I didn't take the other complaints on the internet to heart. Trust me, DON'T USE THEM please! THEY WILL ***! Just to bother them, I'm gonna keep calling to get that assignment fixed, though I have another company fixing it. NEVER use Classof1! NEVER!!!

Monetary Loss: $130.

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